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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Much improved but lessons to be learned

Saturday's emphatic win over Australia proved once
again what a highly talented group of players the current
Springbok squad possesses. Regardless of whether or not
people believe that our guys had nothing to play for, a 50
point-plus tally allied to a record margin over the
Wallabies is an outstanding achievement.

If the Australian press are anything to go by then this
was not a match that they were happy to concede, with
many questions being asked about why they can't put
two big games together. First off they beat the All Blacks
in Australia only to go down the following week and
then Saturday's reversal following their triumph in Durban.

The next step is to build on that victory which means
that right now we have to look back and see why the
team did not perform as it can on a regular basis.
We need to sort out the problems that are holding
us back and result in us underachieving. One result
will not provide the answer to those questions.

We need to establish the things that are holding
us back and why they are occasioning defeats on
one Saturday and victory on the next. We have to
be consistent and that comes from identifying
where these problems are. There is a world of
difference between losing and being beaten.

As you are now aware I am promoting the idea
of a "Director of Rugby" in order to facilitate an
easier succession and assist the coaching staff.
This is not meant to be in competition or as boss
of the current coaching staff but rather as a sounding
board to the coaches. That is why I was at pains to
point out that this would add value without usurping
the role, functions or decision-making powers of
the coaching staff

Just as I needed Eddie Jones' experience to bring
home the 2007 World Cup so too can Peter de Villiers
and the coaches benefit from mine.

The common goal is after all to make the Springboks
the number one team in World rugby.

Jake White speaking to Mail & Guardian's Mike Trapido


  1. Very true!

    End of the year tour must be won with conviction. Defeat should not be an option Not even for the sake of depth, because we have depth, we have players young enough with loads of experience. What more do you need.

    We need to focus on WORLD DOMINATION!!!

    We are all for the Director Position Jake. Like always, how is my voice going to change anything.

  2. It's so difficult to get a good idea of what things are really like behind the scenes. From the stories in "In Black and White" and just the general press it's hard to imagine the current administration letting you back in Jake and even if they did what kind of farcical situations would then follow. Whatsmore would it do much good for your sanity and general health?
    Your commitment to the green and gold is admirable but I'd also like to see what you are capable of a union that supported you fully.

    As for the game on Saturday it was great to see the fire back in the boks but the ozzies just didn't turn up to the game....

  3. Are you for real Jake. If I left my old company, then made millions writing an expose book on what an asshole my old boss was, how can I expect my old boss to create a position for me that does not exist, to lord over the new guy in my position. Would you accept it if you were Pieter de Villiers. I think not.

  4. LOL! Well put Odette.

    However, at the same time this is the same man who somehow managed to keep his job for 4 years in an administration who quite openly didn't want him there and then won the world cup on top of it.

    There's Jack Bauer and then there's Jake...
    (for those of you who dont watch the series "24" -Jack Bauer always has his own administration working against him but still he gets results and his loyalty to his cause is unwavering!)

  5. Jeez like Jake - you don't learn! The last time you took us to no. 1 in the world they fired you.
    Maybe you need to stop doing that!

    Good Luck

  6. A bit off the topic but I found this article today where Sheffield football club sued fans for writing derrogatory comments about them on a blog. Not a stretch of the imagination but imagine SARU started doing that!

  7. So when do you write something fresh for people to comment on. 2 September 2008 was a long time ago. Know what? Forget it. I am off to Keo. Your blog has had 7 comments since 2 September 2008. Keo has probably in the duration of that time recorded 10 thousand. This blog is boring, All of you just compliment Jake. Too much ass kissing for my liking. Off to real arguments and fights.