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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On the playing fields of Scotland

I'm in Bloemfontein today so just in case you're
wondering I phoned all these details through.

Before I start I would just like to say that I'm here
for Os du Randt's benefit dinner and consider it
an honour and a privilege to have been invited.

How many players in world rugby can claim to
have been part of two different World Cup
winning teams? In the case of Os being a
Springbok as well, makes this extra special.

I'm sure that everyone connected with the game
and South Africa wishes Os all the very best for
the future.

SARLA in Scotland

We've just returned from a South African Rugby
Legends Association
tour to Scotland. Sarla
does an enormous amount of work for SA grass roots
and it always fascinates me to read articles
asking me to get involved in assisting at this level.

I am and always will be involved at grass roots level
only the depth varies from time to time.

More importantly I played in the match between
the SA Legends against the Scottish Legends.
My first appearance for our lot.

We managed to beat them by 40 points to
twenty something but surprisingly I wasn't
awarded the man of the match.

If I find a bone in my body that is not still
hurting I'll let you know. Amazing how you
forget how difficult simple things like
breathing can become when you've been out
for a while.

We played the game at St Andrews University
and it was great to team up with Japie Mulder,
Breyton Paulse and the rest.

Joost was captain, Ian MacIntosh coach and I
was the playing-coach. Oh and before I forget
I was playing flank.


The All Blacks were vindicated for sticking with
coach Graham Henry.

Having lost the World Cup there was intense
pressure to bring in a new coach.

Despite losing between 8-9 of their star
players and a poor start with losses against
both South Africa and Australia, Henry's
wealth of experience saw this young
side through.

In terms of continuity and settling the
new players into the system experience
is vital as it proved.

In the end they were worthy winners
and we must learn from them.

Experience is crucial at this level.


One of the most exciting years that I can
remember with all 5 top teams still in
with a chance of the semi-finals.

All of them are benefiting from the
return of their Springboks and it's going
to take a brave man to bet against any of

It is a testimony to the depth of talent
we have in South African rugby today.


If I can get off this bed I'm off to what
should be a great benefit dinner.

Keep supporting the game.

Jake White speaking to Mail & Guardian's Mike Trapido


  1. Hi Jake. I just read your column "For the record" in the new SA RUGBY, and although we, the fans, don't always know whats going on behind the scenes, we're not suprised as to how they still treat a threat? Did they think you're going to walk away from people you shared 4 years of your life with? People that saw you at your strongest and weakest? The most nerve ending story to most majestic triumph?

    I read your story the same day the book got launched. I read your story with an open mind and self judgement prevailed. I understand it all! You're a true insparation Jake! Your ambition for the game is healthy and as long as your word is still there, people will care!

    Big fan

    ... I dont read the tabloids!

  2. Howzit Jake, I have to agree with you about Os. He will be remembered for years to come.

    Did you play flanker in your playing days?

    Good luck with the Baabaas game.


  3. Jake when will we see you offer some technical analysis on this site? Nowhere on the web can you find the stuff that Rod Kafer is doing (and what you did) yet there is a great need for this type of thing?

  4. Guys - Jake is away for a few days.


  5. Hehehe does he not have a laptop or is he going to outer mongolia?

  6. More than a few days now.

    Give us update Chop.

    What's happening JAKE?

  7. NOTHING??

    Bigger and better things to do than to update your blog, I understand, LIONS camp is in a lot of Sh*t and as a LION I hope you/your company get a plan to help the Union.

    How about a piece on the B&I LIONS, not because someone is going to pay you for writing it, but maybe just for the love of it.. Lets hear your thoughts?

  8. Hi Jake
    I've just found this blog and I'm currently reading your book. I have a deep respect for the way you view rugby and especially South African rugby. I went out with a Jeppe Boy the year before and during his final year at Jeppe. You instilled an honour to be part of the first team that was incredibly electrifying and wonderfully attractive. I started to watch springbok rugby during this time and I felt the honour that the boys in the green and gold felt under your coaching. Watching them sing the national anthem would often bring tears to my eyes. The saddest part of the time that you were coach was all the interference you received. Why do politics have to play a role in rugby let alone any sport.... One day they will learn to be quiet. Keep coaching and most of all believe in the spirit of rugby.