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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Director of Rugby needed for Springboks

Whenever any of our national sport's teams suffer a setback,
there is a lot of speculation in the media about how this will
affect the coaches or the board. Rugby, as one of our three
majors, is no different.

During the week I was contacted by the media who asked
me what my thinking was on the current situation and
whether I thought I could be of assistance to the Springboks.

Instead of all the speculation I believe it best to set out
my thinking here.

Firstly I believe that a new post should be created within
the current set-up which I have styled the "Director of Rugby".
This should be a part time position as it has to avoid the
director interfering with the coaching set-up. It would allow
the coaches to approach the Director and use him as a sounding
board on all aspects of the job.

The major benefit being that he would be a rugby,
rather than administrative, person. When we won
the World Cup I knew what my limitations were and
went and asked Eddie Jones to assist me. His
experience played a vital role in our success.

Secondly the post should be used for the benefit
of not only the Springboks but South African Rugby
as a whole. As it is I am involved with grass roots
at the moment.

Thirdly when times get really tough our guys
know me, are aware that I have won both junior
and senior world cups and most importantly of all,
understand the exact nature of the pressure they
are under.

Fourthly due to my other commitments, the
coaching staff know that I am not there to take over
their jobs but rather to assist them, in anyway
I can to become a successful Springbok coaching unit.

I think we all know by now that my blood is green
and gold and that I would move mountains to keep
the Springboks where they belong - at the top of
World Rugby.

Jake White speaking to Mike Trapido of the Mail & Guardian


  1. You would still work for Saru after the way you were treated last year?
    Anyway, its very big of you...I hope you get the job!

  2. Jake you have my support. if you can assist them anywhere to fix the current situation i'll be very pleased

  3. Is Jake physically blogging this himself? This sounds way too much like an interview... Maybe Mike Trapido is doing the blogging on Jake's behalf?

  4. Igitur - I give the responses Traps posts them up. That is why we always end with Jake White speaking to Traps.

    My office is two doors down from Traps in the same building if that assists.

    Can't have the youngster advising on rugby tactics we'd end up last on the world rankings.

  5. Well Traps dont feel to bad, we're already at Nr3 in World Ranks.

    Hope we'll be back at the top very soon though.

  6. Jake we will back you 100% and I am sure I speak for most of the Nation.
    Come On Bokke get your act together!!! PDF just admit that U need Jake's help, that will be the only way to het the Nation to back U and the Springboks.

  7. Jake I agree the media uses whatever you say and tries to spin newspaper sales out of it anyway they can.

    I see they do the same to Peter DeVilliers.

    Anyway you have my full vote of confidence and sincerely hope SARU and SA rugby get it together enough to follow through on this one.

  8. I agree with your vision but don't too many cooks spoil the broth?

    What I mean is that they tried it at WP and it didn't really work. Kobus vd Merwe never really knew where he stood with Nick Mallett and watching Rassie on the sideline for a Currie Cup game gives the wrong impression about the faith in Alistair Coetzee's ability or position.

    I think your experience is perfect to overview the coaching structures but making them accountable to you could become sticky.

  9. Get back with SA Rugby Jake, we need cool heads now moer than ever. With the 2009 Lions tour coming up we need to be at our best to beat them, and we owe them one.



  10. Jake what's your view on the 53-8 game?

    Personally I enjoyed it very much but the 3N is over and we are bottom of the log.

    We should of bagged this 3N! Disappointing!

  11. Jake, thanks for the clarification :)