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Friday, August 8, 2008

Argentina and a bit about Butch

With tomorrow's Test against Argentina upon us I thought I would share a few of my thoughts on the match with you.

Before I start however, I would like to deal with an item in the comment's section referring to Butch James. In my opinion Butch is undoubtedly the finest defensive flyhalf in the world. With the advent of the new laws allowing the number 8 to break and the backs to stand 5 metres back at scrums, he closes off a channel which forces the opposition to go wide and makes the slide defence much easier to apply.

He is also the ideal partner for Fourie Du Preez particularly when you're playing a kicking game.

The Mandela Tribute Test at the Coca Cola Park in Johannesburg is going to be interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly we have never lost to the Pumas in the previous 12 Tests and it is vital that we keep this record going for as long as we can. Secondly regardless of which players the Pumas have sent, you will always be on the end of a tough uncompromising encounter with these guys. Such is the passion of the Argentinians that they never lie down and accept defeat.

The key battle is going to be fought among the fowards and in particular the front row. In the brothers Mario and Pedro Ledesma they have immense strength and it will be fascinating to see how our guys cope.

In terms of tactics we can expect the Pumas to play a stop-start game which will slow everything down. It is vital that the Springboks maintain a high tempo throughout the game which should provide the recipe for success.

We must also not lose sight of the fact that this game also provides an ideal opportunity, after the three week break, to get our game together ahead of next week's Tri-Nations encounter with the All Blacks.

Let's hope we can give Madiba a fitting birthday present from the Springboks.

Jake White speaking to Mike Trapido of the Mail & Guardian


  1. Defensive *flyhalf* I think.

  2. bsm - thanks for pointing out the mistake.

    It was mine not Jake's trust me.


  3. The key battle is going to be fought among the fowards and in particular the front row.