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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jake on YouTube

In discussion with Stafford Masie, CEO of Google South Africa, regarding my new YouTube Channel.


  1. Welcome Jake - it'll all become easier the more you explore - certainly easier than dealing with politicans, keeping rugby fans happy and New Zealanders on their side of the field!

    Look forward to seeing you get native!

  2. Jake, I read the keo blog lots but have never commented. I just want to say well done on winning the world cup. I read your book and totally loved it-reliving all those big games.Amazing how much pressure you had to deal with and you came out trumps. With all the negativity we are often faced with in our nation this is something we can be positive about for the next 4 years for certain. Well done Jake. Great that your still in rugby and still in SA!

  3. Jake where you @ my man?

    What did you think of the Aussie NZ game?

    Tell us about your visit to the changeroom before the aussie game?

  4. I visisted your Youtube channel but it seems that none of the videos are available anymore.Probably only temporarily?

  5. Guys thank you for your comments.

    Firstly I would just like to say that the press have totally misread the situation in Australia.

    While I did speak to the players, it was all very friendly and I would never undermine another coach by making negative comments.

    Often during my time as coach we had visits by other coaches.

    What I said was that in losing John Smit and Bismark Du Plessis, we had lost 2 world class hookers and they might target our lineouts. So it proved.

    Australia were awesome on defence as they showed against the All Blacks as well.

    The Springboks in turn had come off playing two tough away games. The third one was always going to be tough.

    The videos should all be up now. See you guys soon.

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  7. Mr White,
    I am a huge fan!

    But if your blog is going to get a lot of hits, and I am sure it will, you are going to have post more than twice a month.

    Good luck with the blog, and thank you for everything you have done for South African Rugby!!!!!!!