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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welsh Tour and a bit of travel

I've just returned from my IRB coaching trip to Fiji and Samoa. Besides the beautiful countries I visited I was most gratified by the eagerness to learn I encountered from all concerned. Rugby is very much a part of their culture and the desire to improve their knowledge and approach to the game made the trip well worthwhile.

The Welsh tour of South Africa was most interesting from a coaching perspective and enjoyable for the spectators.

In the first test the coaching staff were always going to be experimenting with new combinations. The fact that they scored four tries and achieved a comprehensive victory would satisfy any coach on his first outing.

In the second test with the Bloemfontein test just seven days behind them Wales were going to come out firing. They are after all a proud rugby nation and the current 6 Nations Champions.

As a result they put South Africa to the test and we weren't found wanting.

I'm sure the coaching staff are satisfied with a series win and the first hurdle behind them.

See you soon.

Jake White talking to Mike Trapido

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