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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome to Jake White's World

When I have long departed this world and moved on to a better place, I hope that some young boy in Japan, many years from now, upon hearing mention of the name will say - “Jake White? I remember him – he was a rugby man”.

That is how I would like to be remembered. Not as the coach of this or that team, the winner of some or other trophy or even a man who somehow revolutionised the game, simply that Jake White was a “rugby man”.

Someone with a great love for the game, it's participants, traditions, legends and who lived and breathed the sport of rugby. That is what it's all about and that's where I am coming from.

When I was growing up rugby was about playing a game, visiting a stadium to watch your team play, listening to their game on the radio or reading an article in the newspapers. In other words a million miles from where we are now.

Rugby fans today can watch games from anywhere around the world live on television . This includes internationals, Super 14 or 6 Nations, provincial games, 7s and a host of other tournaments; the list is endless. In between there is newspaper, radio, television and internet coverage on every aspect of the game.

The internet, all on its own, provides a multitude of options for fans from blogging and forums to team news and results. There really is no limit to the scope of your enjoyment or involvement – it's really is up to the individual supporter.

On my blog I would like to cover various aspects of the game – ranging from technical to trivial depending upon the mood of the game at the time I put my thoughts down on “paper”. I hope that you derive some benefit as well as enjoyment from your visits here. While the magic of the World Cup seems a lifetime ago the game has rapidly moved on.

Over the next few weeks I'll be letting you have my thoughts on some of the interesting things that I come across in the real beautiful game. To start with I'll be keeping an eye on the Super 14s last round of games coming up this weekend and let you have my thoughts on those shortly. Also there is the announcement of the next Springbok squad which should be of interest to locals.

I'll also try and throw in a couple of memories from the World Cup along with a look at one or two technical points. Here's hoping that through this blog we can build relationships, learn a little bit from each other and have some fun along the way.

(Jake White speaking to Mail & Guardian's Mike Trapido)


  1. Thanks. Are looking forward to hear what you have to say about this weekends S14 semis and about the Springboks in the next few weeks.

  2. Congratulations on your blog site and IRB appointment, and am glad that you have not been lost to rugby.
    Am looking forward to read your thoughts on the game we love so much.
    Go well1

  3. Well, it's about time some high profile rugby people got blogging. I look forward to hearing what you have to say "from the outside looking in". By the way Jake, do you really write this blog, or is it run by someone else on your behalf?